Chatelnov. The theater invites itself to the space of the siamour

Since its opening in May 2022, Espace Siamore Village Hall has continued its intended role: to bring entertainment to the village to give residents a chance to meet. Under the leadership of the Village Recreation Committee, led by Stefan Vanuz, many very diverse activities were proposed and all of them were successful.

On Saturday 10 June, the theater was in the programme, with the theater group Les Va-t-en Rêve as a guest, who attended, at the preview of the Festi-rêve de Censeau to be held from 22 to 28 June, Every fire every woman. I Story: During a friendly meeting of five very friendly women, with strong temperaments, to celebrate the birthday of one of them, Judith, immerse them in an inn in Vixen, add a naive and crazy waiter, and an innkeeper who is a little jealous of the latter, a widow who discovers her husband’s infidelity with one of her friends, this is a very funny story , full of surprises, all wrapped up in good interpretation by actors well into the appearance of their character, so an evening show that conquered the audience who came in droves. A buffet, provided by the municipality, concluded the evening.

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