Charges of nepotism: Under pressure Boris Johnson accused of evasion

London | LONDON (Reuters) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was accused on Monday of staying away, and brilliantly absent from an emergency debate in Parliament, amid mounting accusations of favoring his Conservative government.

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The culmination of several days of controversy that has put the Prime Minister under pressure, a debate on the rules of conduct governing the work of parliamentarians has been organized this afternoon in the House of Commons.

As he announced, Boris Johnson did not sit on Parliament, justifying his absence with a visit to a hospital planned “a long time ago” in the north-east of England. Traveling by train, he did not have time to get to Parliament in London on time.

“If there is anything positive that can come out of all this, it is that (…) the (House of Representatives) speaker is determined to lead us forward toward a system that allows us to take a biased approach,” Boris said. Johnson on the sidelines of this visit, refusing to express any apology.

In Parliament, Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer accused Boris Johnson of damaging “democracy” and “giving the green light to corruption”.

He denounced “today that he does not even have the decency to defend what he did or apologize.”

Boris Johnson sparked outrage last week by supporting a reform of Parliamentary rules to avoid penalties for a Conservative MP who has been criticized for his lobbying activities.

The maneuver was intended to enhance the capabilities of the accused member to defend himself and to establish an appeal procedure. It also saved Conservative Party member Owen Patterson from suspension from Parliament by implementing it midway through the sanctions process against him, sparking outrage that prompted the prime minister to back off.

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Since then, critics have escalated, including among the majority.

The government has already been hit by a recent scandal that highlights the dangerous links between power and business, especially with regard to awarding equipment contracts to private companies in the context of the pandemic.

Sunday, clear Sunday times With open democracy He noted that nearly all 16 Conservative Party treasurers over the past 20 years have been offered a seat in the House of Lords, the upper house of Parliament made up of non-elected members, after increasing their training donations to more than £3 million (€3.5 million). . ).

“Of course the prime minister expects all ministers to stick to the rules as he himself does, and the public expects them to focus on implementing their priorities,” a Boris Johnson spokesman said.

At the start of the debate on Monday, Liberal Democrat Wendy Chamberlain estimated in parliament that the scandal “was roughly the same stance one would expect from the Duma in Moscow or the National People’s Assembly in Beijing.”

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