Chargers send a message

The Los Angeles Chargers are one of the best teams in the NFL on paper, and they showed they’re serious when they beat the Las Vegas Raiders 24-19 Sunday at SoFi Stadium.

This win could prove very important for the rest of the Californian club’s career, as it was secured against an opponent from the American West Division. This one, which also includes the Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos, is one of the strongest teams on the Goodell circuit.

In this first game of the season, quarterback Justin Herbert completed 76% of his distances for 279 yards, as well as throwing touchdown passes for Deandre Carter, Gerald Everett and Xander Horvath.

The only negative element to this duel, on the Chargers’ side, was that Keenan Allen’s wide receiver was unable to finish the confrontation. Before getting into action, he had his hands on four balls for 66 yards.

As for the Raiders, Davante Adams looked great in his new uniform. Acquired from the Green Bay Packers over the summer, the star receiver picked up 10 relays for 141 yards and landings. For his part, quarterback Daniel Carr saw three of his passes land in the hands of an opponent.

Justin Jefferson has fun

At U.S. Bank Stadium, Justin Jefferson enjoyed a Minnesota Vikings receiver over the Green Bay Packers and his team won 23-7.

The third-year player has started his season on a strong note, having recently claimed to be the best quarterback in the NFL. He had nine passes for 184 yards and scored two goals on his first dash in 2022.

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At The Packers, Aaron Rodgers had a fairly casual outing. Unable to find the pay zone, the owner of the last two league titles suffered interceptions and dropped the ball once.

The amazing Patrick Mahomes

At University of Phoenix Stadium, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes threw five touchdown passes in a convincing 44-21 win over the Arizona Cardinals.

The center found 26-year-old Clyde Edwards Heller (twice), Travis Kelsey, Judy Forston and Mikol Hardman to be majors. Mahomes also completed 30 of the 39 passes he attempted for 360 yards.

It’s funny how the Chiefs forced to use safety Justin Reed as the captain for a short while during the match, while Harrison Poetker was in the locker room to assess the injury. The defending player makes one of two diversion attempts after landing.

The victory of the giants

Ultimately at Nissan Stadium, the New York Giants scored a key goal and managed to convert two points with just one minute left to defeat the Tennessee Titans 21-20.

Daniel Jones found Chris Myarek behind the goal line and back Saquon Barkley then allowed his team to win by catching a short throw from his axis. The 26th Giants had a tough game with a 164-yard harvest and landing with both legs.

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