CH: For the first time since May 1st?

Win two games in a row. Nothing could be more common in the National Hockey League, you might say.

with reason.

The Canadians, however, in the 2021-2022 season, did not achieve the “feat”. In fact, the team had just four wins in 15 games, punctuated by stinging setbacks.

On Thursday victorious against the Flames (win 4-2), the Habs will attempt Saturday night against the Red Wings (The match will be brought to you on TVA Sports and on TVA Sports live from 7pm), to be at the center of a regular season “streak” of victories for the first time since…May 1st. It was six months ago. That was of course last season. It’s starting to take a long time. Hell lease!

A team full of surprises

Despite beating Detroit twice in two games so far this season, the Bleu-blanc-rouge can’t handle Saturday’s game with a limp.

The Red Wings have the tools to compete and are third in the Atlantic League with a 7-6-2. So they would be a chain if they started today. Well, the guys in red and white played a few more games than their naughty ones, but nonetheless.

With 43 nets, the “wings” attack is more productive than the attack of CH (32), who also played 15 matches. She is also ahead of the Maple Leafs (38 goals in 15 games).

It should also be noted that Tyler Bertozzi, who missed the first two matches in Detroit and Montreal (his decision not to vaccinate forces him to play in the United States only), will be in the game this time, because the duel is a precursor to Uncle Sam’s country, his presence should not be neglected, because he sits Top scorer and scorer in the Red Wings (9 goals, 6 assists in 12 games).

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Also to watch are Jeff Blachel’s men, the young men Lucas Raymond and Moritz Seder. Even though they are in their first seasons in the NHL, the skaters, each in their own way, generate a lot of humiliation.

Building on the positive

In the CH team, several players had a strong match two days ago. Nick Suzuki, Brendan Gallagher, Mike Hoffman, Tyler Toffoli, David Savard and Alexander Romanoff are among those, and frankly I hope everyone builds on it and replicates it in Detroit.

Currently, Canadians are seventh in the Atlantic Ocean. So the workload just hoping to make the playoffs is an enormous one.

You can also start winning matches quickly!

No change

Head coach Dominique Ducharme has confirmed that he will not make any changes to his roster for the Detroit Red Wings duel, the first of a three-way series.

Thus, Jake Allen will appear for the sixth time in a row in front of a lockup network. He particularly helped the team defeat the Calgary Flames 4-2 on Thursday with 24 saves.

“We talked about the recent matches, especially Vegas, Los Angeles and the last match. We did a good job. I think our roster aligns more and more,” Ducharme explained to explain the current situation in his alliance.

“In the last and previous meeting, I think we started building something,” Jake Evans said. We have this fire in us, we want to get out of this stagnation. We are playing well and when we play with this flame, it is difficult for us to face it.”

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Ducharme confirmed that Jonathan Drouin, who has a headache, will not face the wings, but will practically jump on the ice on Sunday, before facing the Boston Bruins.

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