CF Montreal | In Florida, with family and more for free

Like last year, CF Montreal is set to play all of its games south of the border for at least a few months. However, this time in Florida, players and employees can be in the company of their families.

Frederick DuchesnoFrederick Duchesno

“All people who have the desire and the possibility will be able to do so, and in my opinion, they will,” notes Olivier Renard.

The sports director believes he only has four players with a wife and children.

“Most of them will come and join us because they are young children,” he notes.

He quotes from the Jazz family Struna, the Samuel Peet family. And the wife of Bjorn Johnson, who is currently in Spain, who will take over the United States as soon as possible after giving birth.

For employees with children at school, such as Olivier Renard, the reality is different. His family will join him after the school calendar. “If we were still there,” he says.

In New Jersey last year, that wasn’t possible. However, we understand that part of the frustration expressed by the players was related to schedule management …

In other words: “We will try to meet as if we were in Montreal. That is the password.”

Of course, part of the program will be decided by the coaching staff. But guys, for example, will be regularly free to go out to dinner outside the hotel.

Olivier Renard does not yet know whether the team will occasionally return to Montreal or whether they will wait until there is no longer a mandatory three-day quarantine at the hotel upon their return to Canadian soil.

But by the time this measure is lifted, it will definitely depend on the likely duration of the repatriation. We will not return to the country within three days, forcing them to stay in the hotel …

“I think when we get off, we’ll go for a good time. And if there’s a relaxation of the rules, we’ll think about that,” sums up the Sports Director.


Djurgi Mihajlovic (white)

Youthful enthusiasm

If the start of the season is going to be unusual, so will the training camp.

Four players in the Canadian U-23 team, Djorje Mihajlovic, with the United States national team, without counting the quarantine.

At the time of this interview, Tuesday morning, Joaquin Torres was a few days away from finishing his work – “The Eighteenth or Nineteenth” – one day before the jazz of Strona. Ahmed Hamdi has a few hours to land in the capital.

Racing Score: The group is never the same. U23 players merged. The others will be released next week to allow fake matches.

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But it’s not entirely bad about this situation. Youth participation in the camp is partly voluntary.

In December, while preparing for the second leg against CD Olimpia, the group was also very young. This gave a lot of intensity to the training, Olivier Renard and Thierry Henry noted.

“This is not a criticism, but an analysis,” says Renard.

When you have four, five or six players between the ages of 27 and 34 who are sure of where they are, they’ll train 90% automatically. Maybe even 80 or 70%. While the young man arrives carefree and hard-working because he really dreamed of being there.

Olivier Renard

“We feel that with Will [Nancy] Since the beginning of the camp. The enthusiasm is much higher than what I experienced when I arrived last year. This is really an important point for me. ”

The team will head to Orlando on April 6 to complete their camp there.

His first regular season match, against Toronto FC, will be played on April 17th at Inter Miami CF in Fort Lauderdale, where he will return to his home. One month into the season, the sequel remains unclear at the moment.

“With the league it’s one-sided, at times, about questions, requests, answers…”, CF Montreal sports director drops.

The only track, the first matches must be played in the area in order to limit travel. So, in principle, against Atlanta, Orlando, Miami and Toronto, which will also remain in Florida.

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