CF Montreal hopes to recover at home

Wednesday night’s 2-1 loss to Nashville wasn’t the result the Montreal side had been hoping for, but team members remained positive heading into a long streak at home, which kicks off Sunday against Real Salt Lake.

This confrontation will be shown on TVA Sports and on TVA Sports directly, starting at three in the afternoon.

Nashville hasn’t lost at home in long and Montreal fought well, which is what Wilfred Nancy is pleased with at the moment. The head coach still set a few caveats to make sure his group finds the right path. Frédéric Lord is evaluating the above main video taken from the show GC.

“There is a little fluidity between the midfielders and the attacking players. They usually do better in decision-making,” Nancy explained in a post-training press conference on Friday. In the second half, we adjusted things up and went to their house. That’s why losing the game was not deserved in my opinion. We had to at least redo the lottery.

Samuel Peet is also proud to see his teammates advance to the finish. After what he described as a “mistake”, the midfielder is happy to have his soles back.

“We’re happy to have that sequence at home. We know we’re strong at home, we’re playing well, and we have that confidence. Getting ready is easier when you don’t have to travel or come back in the wee hours of the morning,” Quebec admitted.

mysterious opponent

Nancy said the match against RSL will be different than the one in Tennessee. The Western Association, which CF Montreal hasn’t met since 2019, is playing more counterattack and aggressively.

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“We certainly don’t know them very much, that’s clear. But now, with the images we’re going to show them, players will have a pretty good idea of ​​the style of play, what they do well, and where to attack them. With the technology,” said pilot Bleu-Blanc-Noir. The new one, things are going well.

“It’s a team that works well together, is not afraid to defend with numbers, and is also capable of ‘pressing’. They can play quite straight and they can combine, but most of the time it’s straight. It’s not a possession team like,” said Nancy, continuing her analysis. Charlotte.

Striker Kee Kamara, the visitors’ only goal scorer in Nashville, has been training with his left arm. According to the coach, his injury, a pasture fracture, is less serious than expected. The veteran was not expressing any dissatisfaction with playing the next game with protections in line with Major League Soccer (MLS) regulations.

The United States chose Mihajlovic

After an impressive start to the season, Montreal midfielder Djordji Mihajlovic received an invitation from the United States national team to take part in a series of international matches in June.

The Americans will organize a training camp and will face Morocco on June 1st and Uruguay on June 5th in preparatory meetings. This will be followed by two CONCACAF Nations League matches against Grenada and El Salvador on June 10 and 14.

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Mihajlovic is among the best players on Garber’s Tour this season with six goals and four assists in 12 games. He was awarded CF Montreal MVP in 2021.

In the national team, the 23-year-old played six matches and one goal.

Below, see press briefs provided by Wilfrid Nancy, Samuel Peet and Djorje Mihajlovic.

CF Montreal hope to come home –

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