Cervical cancer, a preventable cancer

In June, the French Polynesia Cancer Institute organizes a series of events to raise awareness of cervical cancer and sexually transmitted diseases. This cancer affects about twenty Polynesian women every year but it is preventable. On Saturday, a preventive day will be held in Teaputa Park, Taravao.

You know Pink October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Movember against Prostate Cancer and Testicular Cancer. There is now a “Green June” dedicated to the prevention of cervical cancer. Since the beginning of the month, the Cancer Institute of French Polynesia has been organizing events to raise awareness.

Cervical cancer affects about twenty Polynesian women each year. An evil that could be avoided if teenagers were vaccinated before their first sexual contact. Two doses are given before the age of 14, or three doses from the age of 15. Unfortunately, at the moment, the expensive vaccine is not reimbursed.

Cervical cancer can be prevented.

Papillomaviruses, which are highly contagious viruses that affect both men and women, are transmitted during sexual contact and are a cause, among other things, of cervical cancer in women. A smear, which is free every three years, allows you to detect it in time.

Such was the case for Melissa. July 19, 2019 will be forever etched in his memory. After a routine checkup, in this case a Pap smear, her doctor told her the bad news. ” in At first, we only suspected a small problem but not cancer, and when I was told that, it was a shock Caught in time, Melissa says her tumor was removed and she didn’t have to resort to heavy chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Not vaccinated against papillomavirus, Melissa now encourages young people to do so.

With around twenty new cases each year, in Polynesia, cervical cancer is the sixth most common type of cancer among women. The International Planned Parenthood Federation is planning to carry out a vaccination campaign for children between the ages of 11 and 14. According to the scientists, in countries where the vaccine has been administered for more than five years, both strains of papillomavirus have decreased by 83% among teenage girls.

Poster for Cervical Cancer Prevention Day organized by the Cancer Institute of French Polynesia on Saturday at Tiputa Park in Taravao.

After the va’a race, a photo contest, on Saturday June 24, the International Planned Parenthood Federation is organizing a big prevention day in Teaputa Park, Taravao. Information booths and workshops are planned to learn more about HPV and sexually transmitted diseases.

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