CEO responds to accusations of fraud in standards

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau posted a message on his Twitter account. He invited his community to read a post on his brand’s forum. The latter explains why the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro are not working normally with technical standards. Are we on the eve of a new scandal? No. Here’s why.

OnePlus 9 Pro

Earlier this year, we published tests of the last two advanced OnePlus smartphones: OnePlus 9 and the OnePlus 9 Pro. Two different testers performed these tests. You can also find our live Q&A session on our YouTube channel (and at the end of this article). Among the common points noted between the two smartphones, we find the strength of the platform.

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At the heart of this experiment, we find Snapdragon 888Associated with OxygenOS and 8 or 12 Go RAM. The two smartphones score well in certain parameters. But, on the other hand, the performances are not impressive. Some of our testers actually found that the OS enabled some profiles that changed the behavior of the smartphone.

OnePlus CEO reaches out on suspicion of cheating

Clearly, this did not satisfy everyone. So much so, that OnePlus had to post a post on its forum explaining its options. And for as many people as possible to realize, Pete Lau took to Twitter to share the link to the post. What does the last say? It simply confirms that OnePlus creates a list of apps running OxygenOS” the benefactor The goal is twofold: to reduce heat emission and improve autonomy, while ensuring a very good level of user comfort.

There are some good things and some not so good in this ad. Let’s start with the good. It is always useful to optimize the system to ensure a smooth experience and good battery life. There is no doubt. This is especially true with the Snapdragon 888 which is not only ليس Energy consumption, but also Calories. We’ve noticed this ourselves, both with Wednesday 11, The Mi 11i, The Legion Duel 5 or the ZenFone 8. Difficult to manage. It is important for the creator to take care of this.

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Optimization is good, but giving a choice is just as important

There are also some not very good. As for the Apple that decided, on one hand, to reduce the performance of the chipset From old iPhones to avoid losing too much autonomy, OnePlus decided to downgrade its smartphones performance with certain apps. It may be justified. This decision appears to be going in the direction of the user. But it is always better to give a choice.

Remember that this is not the first time that the Oppo range has been chosen to adapt the performance of a smartphone to standards. very recently, Realme GT banned from AnTuTu ratings. three years ago, Find X suffered the same punishment by 3D Mark.

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