Cell phones: Tips for protecting yourself from electromagnetic waves

Although their effect on health is generally minimal, the electromagnetic waves emitted by smartphones can affect some of the people who are most sensitive to them. They may then experience headaches, for example. Others simply prefer to take the usual precautions, fearing the long-term consequences. Here are simple steps to take to avoid exposure to electromagnetic waves from smartphones.

  • Call the handsfree device

Use hands-free combo for your calls. This prevents you from placing your mobile phone on your head and thus exposing your brain to electromagnetic waves. It is preferable to use wired headphones, as wireless headphones work with Bluetooth technology, which also emits waves.

  • Choose well-covered areas

When you need to make or answer a call, check the network level. Choose the places where the signal is strongest. In addition to preventing your call from being cut off due to lack of signal, this reduces the number of waves emitted by the smartphone.

  • Avoid car calls

If you are driving, the question of making calls in the car does not arise, especially if you do not use a hands-free kit. But even if you are a passenger, it is better not to make or receive calls in the car, because the electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones are retained in the passenger compartment.

When you don’t need it, especially at night, turn off your mobile phone so that it no longer emits any electromagnetic waves. This is even more important if you place it near you, on your bedside table for example. Another advantage, you will not be disturbed in your sleep. In the event of an emergency, you can be reached via a land line. If you use your smartphone as an alarm clock, you can activate flight mode instead of turning it off.

If, in spite of everything, you want to be at hand at all times, especially at night, do not leave your smartphone near you when you fall asleep. Place it several feet away from you instead of on your bedside table.

When do waves become carcinogenic?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mobile phone users are particularly heavily exposed to electromagnetic waves from mobile phone networks. The risk of brain cancer increases by 40% in people who call a mobile phone for 30 minutes a day over a 10-year period. Children whose brains are still developing are also more sensitive to electromagnetic waves.

How much electromagnetic waves do our devices emit (in volts per meter)?
induction hob 30 volts / m
smartphone during a call 4 volts / m
Shortwave electric oven 3.1 V/m
Wi-Fi modem 2.8 V / m
wifi repeater 0.89 V/m
Drone 0.65 V/m
digital board 0.4 V/m
smartphone while surfing the web 0.15 V/m
Handheld video game console 0.11 V/m
Bluetooth headset 0.1 V/m
smart watch 0.07 V/m
Wireless headphones 0.06 V/m
(source : French National Frequency Agency (ANFR)

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