Cecil Thevenot, an engineer from Panazol, will contribute to Thomas Pesquet’s mission aboard the International Space Station

Thomas Pisquet’s Alpha mission to the International Space Station (International Space Station) is impossible to miss, starting April 22 and has a duration of 6 months.

For those with their heads in the stars who dream of sharing a little bit of a French astronaut’s upcoming adventure, Banazul offers an encounter with her native Cecil Thevenot, one of its engineers working for several years of experiments conducted by astronauts on the International Space Station.

She works at CNES (National Center for Space Studies) in Toulouse, on the CADMOS (Center for the Development of Microgravity Activities and Space Operations) team, whose role is to support scientific users, in order to adapt their experiences to the limitations. from space.

Cecil was able to intervene face-to-face, in June 2017, in front of a hundred particularly interested Pan-Azolese schoolchildren, during the previous Proxima mission she was already following.

This process was to be repeated soon with twelve classes but the health restrictions decided otherwise.

Live on Facebook

So it will be in the city, but it will be On the city’s Facebook pageSaturday, April 17th from 6 pm for kids and adults.

In this live broadcast, she will explain her career, work, and various experiences planned for the near future, her observation of the control room on Earth and the daily life of Thomas Pesquet on the International Space Station.

She will answer any questions that can be asked in advance or in the live comments during the video.

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