Cayeux, which grows Poilly-lez-Gien’s irises, and exports them to the UK, is struggling with Brexit

“This BrixiIt’s hell, “she sighs Richard Caiox, At the head of Iris Cayeux, a family business created at the end of the 19th century. Located in Poilly-lez-Gien, it grows 1,200 varieties of these colorful flowers and ships around 200,000 orders each year, in France but also in about thirty other countries.

Around 50% of its turnover – Which amounts to 750,000 euros in 2020 – Relates to international export, Including 17% for the United Kingdom.

“It’s kind of shocking.”

During the long negotiations between London and Brussels, Richard Caillow did not ask himself many questions. I thought commercial relations would remain flexible. So, it’s a little bit shocking, “he said.

“Had England not been a large part of our sales, I would have definitely given up.”

He is afraid of losing clients. “We have just shipped 2,200 catalogs to the British and I don’t know what their returns will be.”, Refers to its boss, who also highlights administrative and financial constraints, such as,Obtaining a phytosanitary certificate, It is required in advance because it is only valid for fifteen days, and pay VAT in England. From now on, we also invite a partner, to whom we must provide the customer list and their invoices … ”

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“20% additional costs”

According to the plant scientist, “The main concern is customs.”. The words he explained in a recent mishap:

“A few weeks ago, we delivered a parcel that was returned to us due to missing a phone number. Then we repeated this shipment. We left the parcel on Monday. We arrived on Saturday only from the other side of the channel, as the partner had to unpack it before it was distributed.” Our customer only received it the following Wednesday, which is a problem, especially as our flowers are alive. Previously, the parcel was sent within 48 to 72 hours. “

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Richard Kayo estimates that Brexit will result in “20% additional costs, especially for people who are remodeling, in England, and logistics here.”

Anyone about to hand over their business to his daughter and son-in-law admits that it “is not a gift for them. However, we also work a lot with Germany and Italy. If we can postpone our sales to these two countries that would be fine.

A report inside the Cayox Farm, Poyle, in June 2019

Anne Laurie Le Jean

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