Caussade. Espace Bona: Large Playmobil® diorama

The Playmobil® Gallery and Sale is well established in the Bonnas district of Caussade and is open to the public today, Saturday 5 November from 10am to 6pm and tomorrow Sunday 6 November from 9am to 5pm. This Playmobil® exhibition sale remarkably features several dioramas on very diverse topics: It’s The Weekend by Rebecca; Beach Camp by Roxanne; Traveling by Kristof. Asterix of Jerome; Hacker by Fred; Egypt by Romulald; Walking Among Vampires by Val and Fred; Christmas Village by Amauri; The seaside resort of Breton in the 20th century by Jana; Not forgetting the shepherds’ village, Christophe realized it. Visitors are offered an observation game, a game consisting of finding the intruders hiding in each diorama: for example, a small white bear, an astronaut and a mayor on the banks of the Nile in Egypt. Entrance to this exhibition, organized by Christophe Lemoine and his team of volunteers, is set at a nominal amount of €2 including raffle, and all profits made in full will be donated to the Envol Association, which provides daily support to the residents of the area. Ipad Le Jardin d’Emilie. Drinks and takeaway. During the opening, Friday at the end of the afternoon in the presence of Mayor Gérard Hebrard and Ehpad Director Murielle Vermeersch, host Geraldine Bonal noted that the previous exhibition, organized three years earlier, had allowed the Envol Society to run throughout. this period of time.

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