Castanet-Tolosan: a grand celebration of the opening of the new Jacques-Brel space

The Jacques-Brel Chamber opened in Castanet-Tolosan. (© Jean-Louis Laffont – Voix du Midi Lauragais)

This Saturday, September 11, 2021, municipality Castante Toulouse opened Jacques Brel’s new cultural space The long-awaited, to house the music school and to rehabilitate the old performance hall in order to adapt it to the new requirements. Construction began in 2019 and ended in the spring of 2021.

place Youth and Culture Center De Castanet-Touloussin wasted no time in investing. This is where the MJC members decided to do the traditional back-to-school recordings. It was an opportunity for them to get acquainted with this space, part of which will be devoted to the activities of the music school.

music school

This space consists Hall, classrooms with common areasIt is designed to accommodate musicians as much as possible and to be a place where everyone can practice their art in peace.

And as an introduction to the various welcome speeches, Michelle Allenol, President of the House of Youth and Culture, a long number of different activities that stimulate the Youth and Justice Council.

The beginning of the cultural season

About the mayor Xavier NormandThis party was also a chance to kick off The cultural season of the city :

“We hope that we will finally be able to experience a full cultural season that is open, diverse, interesting and invigorating. This first real cultural season from our state is an example of the project that we are implementing, which we have great ambitions…”

The party was decorated with classical and jazz dance performances by MJC and a jazz concertrubber band, followed by a musical interlude with Vocal Ensemble of Castanet-Tolosan. Later the cultural season premiere, Beethoven this manouche company men’s swing, has been programmed.

Next meeting in Jacques Brel’s room: Free Trade Hotel from George Video By Le Grenier Théâtre and Cœur et Jardin, Friday 1He is October at 9 pm

Jean-Louis Lafont

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