Cassette Beasts is getting eight-player multiplayer

Developer Bytten Studio has announced a slew of upcoming features and additions planned for its Pokemon-like pixel title, Cassette Beasts. It was revealed as part of the Monsters cassette gallery advertisement Update 1.2 is now live, giving players access to a new hidden location, eight new monsters to capture, 10 new moves, and a host of performance and visual updates.

But this is not all that has been announced. It was revealed that the team is currently working on bringing up to eight-player multiplayer into the game, and this will also open the door for trading, player battles, and co-op raids against Rogue Fusions. He didn’t say when the multiplayer would arrive because ” big tech company, but he is in “active development” As a future free update for all versions of the game.

Moreover, it was announced that the future will see the emergence of DLC for the game, which will take players to the dock of the unknown. Finest details on this are being kept under wraps, which means we’ll have to wait to find out more.

tape monsters

On a physical level, a cassette tape and a 2xLP vinyl version of the game’s soundtrack are released, as well as plushies for some of the monsters available in the game. Needless to say, she looks great.

tape monsters

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Our thoughts on Cassette Beasts are in our review here.

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