Cascades Go Sport: 100% Mauritian team

baseball. For the first time in its history, Cascades Go Sport of Shawinigan will play a team of players who live entirely in Mauricie.

La saison prendra son envol le 25 juin prochain alors que le premier match de la 20e saison de la Ligue de baseball majeur du Québec (LBMQ) opposera les champions de la dernière année, le Cactus de Victoriaville qui accueillera leur adversaire ès de la derni , waterfalls.

Each LBMQ team will play 22 games during the season with a more condensed schedule until the end of August, while the first schedule is for 28 games.

Expectations are high this year in Shawinigan with the return of the key player. This was in addition to the arrival of Shawneegan rookie Raphael John LeBlanc who was the Cascades’ first-round pick in the last draft.

In addition, we must note the arrival of new coach Jean-Philippe Lemay, with the departure of Mathieu Roche to Aigle de Trois-Rivieres. It’s standardized and we couldn’t find a better person to take it on,” Cascades President Dany Milette comments.

Furthermore, Eagles players Steve Brown and Rafael Glado will be part of the Cascades roster again this year, as they did not want to go into exile far from their families in the United States to play in the Quebec Frontier League matches.

“We were somehow lucky last year to have these guys because there was no baseball game at Trois-Rivieres with the Eagles, which is the same this year. Matthew Roach accompanied the team to the US at the start of the season, but we hope to see him with us because he said he wanted to Be on the hill with the Cascades. We’ll see, everything will depend on the opening of the border,” adds Mr. Millett.

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With pride, Dany Milette specifies that this season’s Cascades roster will consist entirely of players from the Mauricie region. “We don’t have an outside player, they all live in Morrissey! It’s impressive! The world unites more with the team. It’s a great achievement for coach Jean-Philippe Lemay and general manager Iraklis Tzavilas. In terms of position, we are still strong enough”

At the start of the season, teams will be able to accommodate 250 spectators during matches. “We will have to respect the sanitary rules as in the last year and hopefully, if we fall into the green, we will have more than 250 people with divisions. We will need to confirm public health, but nothing is final. But we live very well with 250 people, And we are satisfied with that for the start of the season,” the president notes.

The latter adds that the organization was able to cover its costs for the last season. “We have had support from the community and the business world, and that is still the case this year. This is important.”

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