Carrefour focuses on discounting with its outlets

Today, Sabrina is looking for lighters, but with each visit, that changes. And this time, she plans to take small toys and chalk to please her two children. “Here, I discovered useful things, but also little things that were good for the spirits,” smiles this home-living mother who came with her youngest daughter, who is now one of the regulars. Sites? The first floor of the vast Carrefour in the Créteil Soleil (Val-de-Marne) shopping center, or rather its all-red “Outlet”, which will soon be renamed “Good Business Corner”.

A corner opened in July 2020, and it really attracts a lot of people: here, in this 300-square-meter space, the corridors are very busy, while in the classic sections of Carrefour, they are ubiquitous (household appliances, etc.). -Customers can be counted with the fingers of one hand. “For six months, about one in three Carrefour customers have gone around this corner of the deal,” rejoices Laurent Bertonio, director of food and non-food items at Carrefour, who points out, “so many questions from people, they were surprised to see that there could be. Quality at a low price. “

60 to 80 new spaces planned in France in 2021

In Belgium, based on an original idea by Philippe Fouquet, at home for thirty years, this concept was born at the end of 2019. In this country where there are “hard discounts” (broken prices) stores, the idea is to launch discounted spaces within Carrefour. The concept is spreading in Spain, Poland and Romania, but also since the summer of 2020 in France.

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In France, there are actually 23 supermarkets and supermarkets at low prices. And it works. Above all. So much so, that 60 to 80 new locations are scheduled to open in France in 2021. The Carrefour Group is also targeting Italy, with more than 300 points of sale set to open this year.

Accurate numbers, we won’t have. No turnover, no declared profitability of course. Just a sign I agreed to say very satisfied. “The important thing is that customer satisfaction is there. In these times of crisis, there is an appetite, people need to pamper themselves, even with a small budget, to treat themselves with things that brighten their daily lives,” explains Philippe Fouquet enthusiastically. Here, prices play a major role.

Products that come from Europe … or Asia

In the “tables” (Editor’s note: Metal boxes), Items under 1, 2 or 3 EUR. Vegetable peeler (€ 0.49), nail clippers (€ 0.39), glue (€ 0.89), magic grater with stand (€ 0.89), glass jug (€ 2,15), umbrella (€ 2.69) brushes (€ 1.39), salad bowl Crystal from Poland (€ 2.19). Randomly along the lanes, there are also branded products, like Dunlop swimming goggles (0.69 €), these Grundig headphones (1.99 €), or Stanley glue (0.80 €). To obtain this collection of items, a team of about ten buyers, spread across several European countries, grouped the purchases together. Not surprisingly, the products reaching the boxes come from Europe … or Asia.

Among these good deals, a specific corner, stamped with “the best of business”, also offers products more expensive than 1, 2 or 3 euros, such an additional heater at 29.90 euros or an AEG sewing machine at 69 or 99 euros, but at a great price more prices More exciting than if I bought it online.

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30 to 35% of new articles every 15 days

Low prices, but new ones as well … because if the concept works, it’s because the stock changes regularly. The surprising effect is important: “On average, we introduce 30-35% of new items every two weeks,” stresses Philippe Fouquet. Mahjoub is not wrong: he comes to “catch a look” as soon as “Madame is shopping on the ground floor” (Editor’s Note: It’s by Carrefour), Looking for DIY tools.

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While waiting to be able to afford the cost of an AEG sewing machine, Nacera left that day with a lot of variety and variety. The bill: about 60 euros. “These are low prices, of course,” she admits, “but in the end, as we decline a lot, the bill is there.” Not only does the brand hide it, with this new concept it intends to recruit new, proven “famous” clients, but also families with children, who will come to have fun.

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