Captain Trudeau goes on a trip

Justin Trudeau in Rome for the G20, Then he will go to Glasgow to attend COP26. The words of the Big Kids program come to mind: Captain Bonhomme goes on a trip to other beaches …

We must admit that internationally Justin Trudeau is more of an operetta conductor. One almost wonders why he participates in these great international meetings, since he shows so much of his own incompetence there. In fact, international relations is only an opportunity for him to increase his visibility. For the rest, he attaches only secondary importance to international questions.

1. What is the significance of the Secretary of State?

The Department of Foreign Affairs – which Trudeau called Global Affairs Canada, and it’s not clear why – has been represented in 6 years by five different ministers. None of them had time to deepen their contacts abroad or search for files. Usually the foreign minister is one of the most important ministers. Often times, it comes second only to the prime minister.

2. Do ministers appointed for foreign affairs have the required competencies?

Experienced persons, trained in political science or a related discipline, are usually appointed to this position. The only person who met this double standard was Stephane Dion. Marc Garneau did not have the training required to lead this ministry. François-Philippe Champagne was a political novice. Kristia Freeland was also a novice, trained in Slavic and Russian Studies (also a pro-Ukrainian extremist). The current minister, Melanie Jolie, is also a novice.

3. How does Canada compare with other countries?

By comparison, Canadian foreign ministers mostly look bad. For example, in France, Jean-Yves Le Drian graduated in history and was first elected in 1977. Anthony Blinken, in the United States, has a degree in social sciences in addition to a degree. He is a professional diplomat. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has a degree in International Relations, in addition to his long career as a diplomat. Wang Yi, in China, followed a similar path. Subrahmanyam Jaishakar, India, former diplomat and career ambassador and holder of two MAs, one in political science. In addition, foreign ministers are often polyglot.

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4. What are the challenges facing Canada abroad?

Canada has many formidable challenges abroad. Among them, he should move as far as possible away from China under Xi Jinping, manage economic relations with the United States, restore lost influence at the United Nations, protect the Arctic, appease refugee floods, protect Canadian interests, support business development of new markets and so on. till then. These tasks require a quick-witted prime minister and a foreign minister who knows his files from the inside out. Unfortunately, this is not the case in Canada.

5. What can we expect from Trudeau?

Will Justin Trudeau stand up to China? of course not. He will undoubtedly shed some tears for the sad plight of women in many countries. He will promise, with tremolos, that Canada is committed to achieving its environmental goals. He will make some observations that will make Melanie Jolie and Steve Gilbolt wince, more efficient than him on the international stage. Basically, Justin Trudeau got stuck due to his insufficient training and bad experience. He hates being robbed from the spotlight.

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