Capitol – Three-and-a-half years in prison for the “shaman” of the attack on Liberation

Jacob Chansley was sentenced by a Washington court to 41 months in prison this Wednesday in the aftermath of the January 6 invasion of the US Congress.

From the Capitol seat to the prison benches. Eleven months after forcing himself into the US Congress along with hundreds of Donald Trump fanatics, Jacob Chansley was sentenced by a Washington court on Wednesday to three and a half years (41 months) in prison. On January 6, his photo, a helmet with buffalo horns on his head and animal skins on his shoulders, spread in the media around the world.

The one who declares himself “Equal” And QAnon, who adheres to the conspiracy principles of the small group, pleaded guilty in September to obstructing official proceedings to bar elected officials from certifying Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election. Nearly 600 rioters have been charged in connection with the attack, which left four people dead. Jacob Chansley could face up to twenty years in prison, but no one expected him to spend so much time behind bars.

Today the plot is far from in motion

During the hearing, which was held via video conference, his lawyer insisted on not appearing “Crime History” Of his client, only one man “Suffering from nonviolent, peaceful and genuine psychological problems”. In addition, still according to his lawyer, Jacob Chansley “Rejected” Today the conspiracy is in motion and by no means “An Organizer” Of attack. At the end of the trial there were several reasons why he demanded the release of his client (the “shaman” was imprisoned for more than eight months). The prosecutor demanded 51 months in prison and a $ 2,000 fine.

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In January, a few days after the attack, when Donald Trump was still president, Jacob Chansley apologized, explaining that he had responded to the president’s call. Frustrated that no further action had been taken on his request, he said he was prepared to testify against the ousted president.

Scott Fairlamp was also sentenced last week to 41 months in prison for beating another police officer in the head outside the Capitol. These two sentences are by far the most severe to be pronounced. However, as both men pleaded guilty and their sentences were reduced, it should come as no surprise that other pseudo-revolutionaries will face even more severe punishment in the coming months.

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