Capitol Attack: Steve Bannon, Former Adviser to Donald Trump Convicted

Steve Bannon, a former close adviser to Donald Trump, was convicted Friday of obstructing the investigative powers of Congress by a jury in federal court, after refusing to cooperate with the commission on the Capitol attack.

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The 68-year-old, a populist right-wing figure in the United States and director of Donald Trump’s successful 2016 campaign, will face his sentence in October.

The jury deliberated in federal court in Washington for less than three hours Friday to conclude that he is guilty of the two charges against him.

He faces between a month and a year in prison for each of these charges.

Even after he was expelled from the White House in August 2017, Steve Bannon remained close to and spoke to Donald Trump the day before the January 6, 2021 attack on Capitol Hill.

To find out the nature of their discussions, the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee responsible for highlighting the role of former president in this coup has summoned Steve Bannon to testify and present the documents.

He refused, invoking the right of presidents to keep some conversations secret, which led to him being accused of “obstructing” the work of Congress.

silent defense

Opening proceedings on Tuesday, Attorney General Amanda Vaughn accused Steve Bannon of believing he was “above the law.”

“Mr. Bannon ignored warrants to comply, even after Congress dismissed his allegations, and he ignored numerous warnings that he would face prosecution if he did not comply with the subpoena because he had to,” Amanda Vaughn added.

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According to it, the committee had legitimate reasons to believe that he, like others close to the president, could have information about the links between Donald Trump and his supporters who stormed the Capitol as parliamentarians ratified Democrat Joe Biden as the president.

The defense did not present witnesses at the trial, which began Monday by selecting jurors, and Steve Bannon himself did not speak in his defense.

But his lawyer, Evan Corcoran, denounced the political persecution, asserting that “nobody does that.”[vait] I ignored the subpoena” and that negotiations had taken place with the committee regarding the date of his testimony.

As his trial date approaches, Steve Bannon has agreed to cooperate with parliamentarians. Prosecutors had denounced a “last-minute retreat in order to avoid” conviction, and the judge in charge of the case wanted the trial to continue.

A fierce critic of the political establishment, Steve Bannon is closely associated with the ideas of the far right, which he promoted directly to Donald Trump when the businessman entered the White House in 2017.

He previously ran the controversial Breitbart news website, a center for the “alt-right,” a movement tied to certain conspiratorial themes and including a number of militants convinced of white supremacy.

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