Canal Toys joins Brent Rivera and Lexi Rivera to launch the new Studio_Creator 2 video creation kit

With a circular light and green screen, the group transforms any space into a study intended for children to express themselves through creative digital content. A survey by Harris Poll found that nearly a third of kids in the US (29%) and the UK (30%) aspire to be YouTubers or Vloggers. A similar study by First Choice in the UK showed that YouTuber / Vlogger is not only the most preferred career choice, but also found that the main reason for this goal is creative expression.

Brent Rivera He is a massive 23-year-old content creator who has been massively successful online with YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and other platforms. “We are pleased to be included Brent and Lexie Rivera In our campaign Studio_Creator 2. It embodies everything Studio_Creator 2 is all about: creativity, enjoyment and creating original digital content. Bill Ozil, President and CEO of Canal Toys.

The release of Studio_Creator 2 follows the incredibly successful version of the original Studio_Creator Video Maker collection released in July 2020. The original group achieved record sales for the company, with more than 100,000 sets sold at retailers across the country. Version 2 will include enhanced features such as a larger tripod, larger green screen, and more LED lighting functions. The company is also launching a new extended line including a mini selfie lamp, music amplifier, and trend-themed digital board game available for Spring 2021.

About Canal Toys
Canal Toys is a global leader in the design, manufacture, distribution and marketing of activity toys. A pioneer in the arts and crafts, Canal Toys is increasingly present internationally thanks to offices at FranceAnd the United StateAnd the EnglandAnd the Spain, s AsiaThe products are sold in more than 40 regions. Through a variety of hand tools, toys and entertainment products, Canal Toys’ brands inspire creativity and exclusivity in children of all ages.

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