Canadians reunited with the United States at Thanksgiving

It was the first time in two years that I celebrated American Thanksgiving with my family.Emma Grant says.

A native of Michigan, she has lived in Windsor for many years. She was eager to reunite with this special celebration for her countrymen.

Emma Grant is happy to be able to celebrate American Thanksgiving again, an opportunity to reunite with various members of her family.

Photo: Submitted by Emma Grant

I am very excited, I will go and buy a bag with mom »

A quote Emma Grant

It was in Ohio that Idrine Matenda Zombie would find his family, specifically some of his brothers and his wife’s family.

When you’re an immigrant living in Canada, understanding exactly what the importance of family is, that’s something I miss. I can’t wait to pass and join my familyhe said.

Itrin Matenda Zombie looks at the camera.

According to Itrin Matenda Zombie, Thanksgiving is one of the most memorable moments for her family to celebrate and talk together.

Photo: Itrin Matenda submitted by Zombie

For him, ceremonies will be celebrated in African style. Although there will be a place for Thanksgiving turkey, there will be traditional African dishes, including pandu.

It is important to celebrate in an African way. We eat, celebrate and give thanks to God while preserving our culture. »

A quote Itrin Matenda Zombie

To avoid delays at the border, Emma Grant and Itrin Matenda Zombie aren’t going to carry food and prepare everything as a family.

I can’t get over the new stuffMrs. Grant says.

Practical advice

To make crossing the border easier, the Canada Border Services Agency has issued some advice for travellers, including when traveling outside of peak hours, to ensure that all goods are declared when returning to Canada.

The CBSA reminds people to be aware of their personal exemption limits when shopping in the US or making purchases online.

Complete border crossing guidelines can be found on the official CBSA website. (new window)

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