Canadian parks and protected and protected areas around the world sign the first-ever joint declaration on climate change and biodiversity

In a joint statement led by National Parks UK, with the UK being host of this year’s 26th Conference of the Parties (COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the signatories acknowledged that no single site or organization can solve the global climate change crisis or Impact of climate change exacerbating biodiversity loss on its own. However, as a family of protected and protected areas spreads across the globe, building on collaboration and global ambitions for rapid and far-reaching action to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss, our global network aspires to be the “first 30 percent” inspiring nature-based solutions and informing choices. The use of land and sea on this planet – places where billions of people come close to nature and are motivated to play an active role in the fight against the double crisis.

Parks Canada operates one of the largest and most beautiful networks of protected cultural and natural heritage areas in the world, which is a source of shared pride for all Canadians. Ron HolmanParks Canada President and CEO, signed the announcement in default today, as part of a day COP26 Dedicated to young people.


“Parks Canada is the oldest national park service in the world, and we are proud to protect some of Canada’s and the world’s most important natural treasures, given their inherent beauty and the rich environmental services they provide. We believe it is crucial to unite our voices with those of large organizations around the world, recognizing that we have We all have a role to play in this battle against two of the greatest challenges of our time: climate change and biodiversity loss.Canada’s parks and protected areas provide an important nature-based solution to climate change, as healthy ecosystems help nature and people adapt to climate change.Parks Canada works With Indigenous communities across the country as partners in preserving our nation’s natural and cultural heritage and sharing the stories of these cherished places with all Canadians and the world. United for Nature, we will all go further.”

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Ron Holman
President and CEO of Parks Canada

In the fight against biodiversity loss and the climate emergency, if we fail here, we will fail everywhere. We are star players, don’t let us stand on the sidelines. Climate change is not limited to national borders, and I believe this unique agreement can help spread innovation and good practices for our collective good. In turn, we can lead the way for countries, landowners and citizens around the world, inspiring them to put nature and nature-based solutions at the center of their thinking, economic and life choices. “

James Stewart
Organizer Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park and the Architect of the Manifesto, United Kingdom

“We are no longer at the point where world leaders can ignore the climate and biodiversity crises. We must act now. And we, as protected areas, have a duty of care to be the catalyst for change. We know what we are fighting for, so let us fight.”

Catriona Manders
Youth Committee and Youth Ranger Forest, Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park, Royaume-Uni

Protected and protected areas are solutions of paramount importance to simultaneously combat the dual crises of climate change and biodiversity loss. Increased investments in these areas can not only help protect biodiversity in the terrestrial and marine domains, but also ensure their role as important carbon sinks, thus helping human societies to deal with the effects of climate change by reducing the risks associated with it. Climate-related hazards. “

Madhu Rao
President of the International Union for Conservation of Nature / World Committee on Protected Areas

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quick Facts

  • Drawing on science, indigenous knowledge, and local perspectives, Canada is committed to conserving 25 percent of the land, fresh water, and 25 percent of the oceans here. 2025 and It aims for 30 percent each by 2030.
  • For more than 110 years, Parks Canada has been a host to Canada’s most valuable natural and cultural heritage. It operates a network of national parks, national historic sites, national marine protected areas, and now a new National Urban Parks Program.
  • Parks of Canada protects an extensive network of natural and cultural heritage sites, which includes 171 National Historic Sites, 47 National Parks, five National Marine Protected Areas, and one National Urban Park.
  • Catriona Manders, member of the youth committee and the young forest ranger in Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park, which is located only 30 km from the place COP26 to me Glasgow, United Kingdom, urged others to join his call to action and support the ad using the hashtag #UnisPourLaNature (#UniteForNature).

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Joint Declaration on Protected and Protected Areas on Climate Change and Biodiversity Crises

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Source Parks Canada

For more information: Joanna Sivasankaran, Press Secretary, Office of the Minister for Environment and Climate Change, 819-790-1907, [email protected]; Media Relations, Parks Canada Agency, 1-855-862-1812, [email protected]

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