Canada separates from the United States

The Canadian women’s national team scored an impressive penalty shootout victory against the United States on Monday night. Marie-Philip Poulin stood out again by scoring her third goal.

After a game of madness, the Canadians won their match 4 to 3 against the neighboring country, simultaneously signing a third straight win against the latter. In the first period, Canada and the United States neutralized each other by one score each. Mary Philip Pullen’s team led 13 to 9 in the shots column.

In the second period, Marie-Philip Poulin and her teammates took advantage of the numerical advantage to take the lead. La Beauceronne sends the ball into the back of the net, 2 – 1 for Canada at the end of the period.

The last period will be rich in intensity. If the Canadiens increased their lead with a goal from Laura Stacy into an empty net, the latter saw their opponent regain control of the game to return to par. 3 – 3 at the end of this third period.

In overtime, the goalkeeper, Anne-Rene Despens, distinguished herself by saving 8 times out of 9 shots in the shootout. Jamie Lee Rattray will end the debate in the ninth round. Canada wins 4 to 3. The quarterfinal games are scheduled for Thursday at 5pm for the Canadians who will have to wait to find out their next opponent.

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