Canada is the world champion!

Canadian women’s team world champion!

In the final game of the tournament Tuesday night in Calgary, the Maple Leaf representatives defeated their eternal American rivals 3-2 in overtime to avenge their previous five failures.

The woman of the great occasion, Quebec Marie-Philippe Pauline, scored the decisive goal. The Canada captain decided the debate in the 68th minute of play, three on three, with the help of Brian Jenner and Jocelyn Larroque.

Pauline unleashed a sharp and accurate shot that not only defeated the US goalkeeper in the upper right corner, but also the referees, who had to rely on video replays to confirm that it was indeed a success. During the unusual series, players continued to play for a few moments before the bell rang as the seconds passed, confirming the victory of the host nation.

The United States took a 2-0 lead after one period thanks to an Alex Carpenter brace in less than three minutes. But Canada scored two unanswered goals in the second half to turn things around.

Jenner started that comeback early in the second half with the goal of playing power. I grabbed a puck ball that Pauline left free to close the gap in the net.

Just two minutes later, Jimmy Lee Rattray tied the match.

Goalkeeper Anne-Rene Despens saved 22 balls, while her American opponent Nicole Hensley stopped 23 of the 26 balls she was targeting.

This was the 19th time in 20 editions of the World Championships that these two teams competed for the gold medal. The Canadians had lost their last five matches against the Americans in the final.

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Meanwhile, Finland earlier today beat Switzerland 3-1 to take the bronze medal.

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