Canada is on edge in the World Baseball Classic

Canada lost 10-3 to Mexico on Wednesday and will need a miracle to extend its World Baseball Classic adventure.

Randy Aruzzarena hit two doubles and drove in five runs, while Rudy Tellez’s two home runs added two backup runs for Mexico, which advanced to the quarterfinals.

Canada had a chance to qualify for the quarter-finals for the first time in their history with a win. It is now unlikely that they will avoid elimination in the group stage for the fifth time in a row.

A US victory over Colombia late Wednesday night will eliminate Canada. If Colombia causes the upset, all three countries will find themselves with records of 2-2.

The winner of the tiebreaker will be the player with the fewest runs allowed divided by the number of successful defensive runs in games against the other tied teams. Canada will find itself in a tough spot after losing 12-1 to the United States on Monday.

Mexico opened the tournament with a shock loss to Colombia in Group C at Chase Field. She recovered well with three straight wins, with wins over the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

Jose Urquidi allowed two runs in four innings pitched, striking out five at bats for the win. Arosarina, a 2021 America’s Player of the Year winner with the Tampa Bay Rays, scored two touchdowns that launched the bases in the sixth inning to give Mexico a 6-2 lead.

Canada’s leading hitter Edward Julien hit two hits, including a homer in the seventh inning. Receiver Bo Naylor also attended. Rob Zastrizny took the loss after giving up three runs in two sets.

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Canada finished the group stage with a record of 2-2, having wins over the United Kingdom and Colombia and losing to the United States and Mexico.

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