Canada is lagging behind vaccines

Justin Trudeau promised to deliver one million doses, but COVID-19 vaccination is progressing steadily in Canada, exactly one year after the pandemic today.

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It is clear that the rate of people vaccinated in our country is much lower than that of the United States, the United Kingdom and Spain. However, according to official statistics, Canada is still doing better than some countries like China and Russia. Meanwhile, countries that preceded the vaccination, such as Israel, are returning to normal life after months of closure.

In Quebec, we have to be patient. Prime Minister Francois Legault indicated this week that certain gatherings at home “may be permitted” once every 65 years [et plus] He will be vaccinated … in about two months.

The number of doses given per 100 people

Some people have received more than one dose

  • The Zionist entity: 102,3
  • The United Arab Emirates : 63,6
  • United kingdom : 34,6
  • United State : 27,5
  • Chili pepper : 25,9
  • Serbia: 25,1
  • Hungary: 14,1
  • Denmark: 12,8
  • Turkey : 11,9
  • Norway: 11,1
  • Spain: 10,1
  • Germany: 9,4
  • France: 8,6
  • Canada: 6,5
  • Russia: 4,6
  • China: 3,6

The Zionist entity

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (left) and Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion on the balcony of a restaurant on Sunday.

Photo by AFP

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (left) and Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion on the balcony of a restaurant on Sunday.

After the success of the massive vaccination campaign, the Middle Eastern country implemented a series of deregulation measures. Since Sunday, the situation has almost returned to normal. Israelis can eat outside and the children are back to school. However, they must present a “green passport,” confirming that the person has received two doses of the vaccine or has been cured of COVID-19.

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United kingdom

The European country announced a gradual plan to remove restrictions from England, aiming to lift all restrictions by June 21. The first phase, which began on Monday, has allowed schools to reopen and will allow outdoor sports to resume on March 28. All commercial activities will reopen on April 12, and restaurants, bars, hotels, museums and cinemas can reopen on May 17.

United State

US health officials announced earlier this week that people who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 can meet in small groups without a mask and without having to respect physical distancing. Affected are those who have waited two weeks after receiving two doses of the Pfizer / BioNTech or Moderna vaccine, or who received an injection of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.


Since the beginning of March, the provinces of this Middle Eastern country can begin to loosen their restrictions according to the color coding system, based on the rate of pollution. For example, the curfew has been lifted at the weekend in less risky areas. Restaurants have also been opened, except in high-risk areas.


Since the end of February, several regions have relaxed their restrictions by allowing, for example, restaurants, terraces or shops to reopen. In particular, the city of Madrid lifted the curfew from 10 pm until 11 pm, and restaurants and bars could remain open until that time.


The western European country presented a phased disengagement plan last week. Gatherings between two families are now allowed, with a maximum of five people. Libraries, florists, and driving schools are also open.

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The Scandinavian country lifted some restrictions in early March. In particular, the government announced that businesses would be able to reopen, but would have to get the green light from the Danish health authorities. Outdoor sports activities have also been resumed. Secondary schools will reopen in the west of the country.

Sources: Our World in Data, Media and National Governments

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