Canada imposes sanctions on Russia

Among those punished by Canada are two senior officials in the office of Russian President Vladimir Putin, as well as the head of the security service, the Attorney General, and the head of the country’s prison system.

These sanctions prevent targeted Russians from entering Canada and doing business with Canadians. It occurs after more than three weeks Similar actions were taken by the United States and the European Union.

Russia will respond to this Illegal penaltiesAccording to the Russian state news agency RIA.

An Answer to the Fate of Alexei Navalny

Ottawa justifies these actions with violations Blatant and systematic Human rights in Russia.

Mentions the press release issued by Global Affairs Canada in particular Attempt to kill opponent Alexei Navalny, and the subsequent prosecution against him and silence Russian citizens who were protesting against his treatment, by violent and violent means,.

Alexei Navalny in a court in Moscow, February 20, 2021

Photo: Reuters / Babushkinskiy District Court

Opponent Alexei Navalny, who faced an assassination attempt last year, is serving a prison sentence of more than two years after a speedy trial.

Punishments also respond to detention and violent repression Thousands of protesters in Russia The past few weeks.

Trudeau is very critical of Putin

On Wednesday, in an interview with Sirius XM, the Canadian prime minister did not utter words to describe the Russian president. Vladimir Putin Responsible for all kinds of terrible thingsJustin Trudeau has commented that he is not used to criticizing his peers in public.

However, he did not go so far as to contact the Russian president the killerAnd the As did US President Joe Biden Last week in an interview with ABC.

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Whether it’s the invasion of Crimea, the massive cyberattacks for which he is responsible, or the attempt to destabilize our democracies, I’m sure he’s responsible for all kinds of terrible things because his behavior continues to prove it., Justin Trudeau summed up, stating that he did not have the information necessary to qualify it as the killer.

Justin Trudeau has stated that he has met Vladimir Putin several times since his election as prime minister in 2015. What the Western world or Canada thinks about him is not particularly interesting to him, He said.

Mr. Putin No support, no friend Canada, Trudeau concluded. We must remain clear and far-sighted in our approach to it.

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