Canada beat USA in pre-season | Olympic Games

Emily Clark scored twice, including the winning goal in the third inning, as the Canadians beat the Americans 3-1 in the first of a series of pre-season games leading up to the Olympics in Beijing.

The two permanent contenders met for the first time since Canada’s 3-2 win in overtime in the Women’s World Championship final in Calgary last August.

The Canadians have won the last three confrontations between the two women’s hockey teams. It was Team Canada’s best streak since a five-game winning streak that ended abruptly with a 3-2 loss on penalties in the 2018 Olympic Final in South Korea.

Clark concluded the game with an empty net. She had scored her first goal of the match earlier in the third half, at 5:11, to push Canada forward 2-1.

Sarah Filler scored the other goal for Canada in the first half to give the Canadians the lead.

In the net, Emerance Machmeyer saved 28 shots, of which 14 were in the second half. The Americans also outrageously dominated this period when the total number of shots pointed to 15-3 in their favour.

Hailey Scamora scored the only goal for the United States. Goalkeeper Alex Cavallini made 16 saves in the loss.

The two teams will meet again in Hartford, Connecticut on Monday night.

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