Canada and the United States form the Forum of Carbon Neutral Producers

Canada will join the United States in creating a forum for carbon neutral producers, Natural Resources Minister Seamus O Reagan Jr. said Friday.

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The aim is to provide a forum for oil and gas producing countries to discuss ways in which the sector can help implement the Paris Agreement on climate change and achieve carbon neutrality. 2050.

“At this new carbon neutral producers’ forum we will partner with the United States and other oil and gas producing countries to find and share solutions that will allow us to achieve our goals in accordance with the climate,” said Minister of Natural Resources Seamus O’Reilly Jr.

Aiming to develop practical decarbonization strategies, the new site will have members in Canada, Norway, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United States, representing 40% of global oil and gas production.

“As the world’s fourth largest oil and gas producer, Canada is committed to finding concrete solutions to mitigating emissions and tackling the climate crisis, while at the same time creating jobs and strengthening the economy. By promoting the growth of the middle class.”

Recall that on Thursday the federal government announced that it wanted to increase its concrete contribution to the Paris Agreement, with the aim of reducing its emissions by 40 to 45% over 2005 in order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. .

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