Canada and Spain, along with the United States, have committed to allowing people to enter their lands legally for three reasons

The United States announced the establishment of reception centers for immigrants in Guatemala and Colombia.

Thursday, April 27, 2023 (( — The United States, Spain and Canada will accept immigrants whose files are legally processed in processing centers located in Latin American countries such as Colombia and Guatemala, the Joe Biden government announced Thursday, April 27.

The Department of State and Homeland Security stressed in a statement that these measures will be implemented “in close coordination with regional partners, including the governments of Mexico, Canada, Spain, Colombia and Guatemala.”

These centers will be responsible for managing applications from people who wish to enter legally into countries seeking to welcome them in a “safe, orderly and humane” manner. There will be three possible options: declare yourself as a refugee, apply for family reunification, or apply for a work permit..

“The United States is making legal channels of immigration from South and Central America more accessible to prevent people from taking sometimes dangerous paths,” they said.

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