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DrIn a joint statement with the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States, Ottawa said these sanctions are in response to the emergency landing in Belarus of a Ryannair commercial flight operating between two EU countries on May 23, and to the couple’s subsequent arrest.

The joint statement called on the Belarusian regime to end its “repeated attacks” on human rights and the dignity of its people. The countries that signed the declaration express their disappointment that the regime chose to withdraw from its human rights obligations, its commitment to democratic principles and its engagement with the international community.

They also demanded the regime of President Alexander Lukashenko to fully cooperate with international investigations into the forced landing of the commercial flight and the immediate release of all political prisoners.

Global Affairs Canada says 17 people and five entities have been added to the sanctions list under the Special Economic Measures Act. It is now prohibited for anyone in Canada, as well as Canadians outside the country, to do business with these persons or entities.

These included an air navigation service company, an oil company, and two Belarusian car manufacturers.

On Monday, Canadian Foreign Minister Marc Garneau said, “The arrests of Mr. Protacevic and Ms. Sabiga are an attack on all those who believe in freedom of expression.” Canada and its partners will continue to pressure the Belarusian regime for its human rights violations, and Canada will continue to demand an impartial investigation into all allegations of torture and other cruel and inhuman treatment in Belarus.”

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