Canada and its crown… of thorns!

This week, the Quebec bloc used its opposition motion to force the monarchy debate on the federal parliament. Handy business or a stab in the water? The bloc will get at least some surprising support from the liberals.

Above all, the bloc’s approach would cause enormous anxiety on all sides. No one seems inclined to say that the present system is correct. No one would dare describe the oath to the sovereignty of the United Kingdom as an appropriate gesture for a Canadian parliamentarian.

The malaise is so immense on all sides that by reaction, we know we have to avoid the question, and deflect the subject. The presence of King Charles III as head of state in Canada cannot be explained or defended by virtue of the democratic values ​​of the country and at the time.

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Therefore, the rejection of the bloc’s proposal was based on a clever argument, which is partly true, but which by all means avoids the core issue.

Therefore, the bloc’s opponents defended that this issue comes after the high cost of living, housing, or health in the concerns of the population. This is certainly true. They accused BQ of playing the sovereign game in the National Assembly. maybe yes.

Opponents of the bloc’s proposal claimed that such a change would require a constitutional amendment, which is very complex. Definitely. They add, however, that this association with the monarchy, as well as the oath which flows from it, plays only a symbolic role. This is also true.

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In short, all the arguments against the mass proposal are valid. These are not lies. Some express them with passion and liveliness, in spite of everything … The elephant remains in the middle of the room. Canada is a country ashamed of its political system.

Not so great a shame as that which comes from the abuse of indigenous children in history. Just a little awkwardness that makes us prefer to change the subject. Just a little embarrassment that would make even government ministers feel silly when they publicly say that Canada’s head of state is King Charles III.

Indeed, the difficulty of effecting change became the only good reason why Canada retained its affiliation with the British Crown. To change means to open the constitution. Then it will be necessary to agree on the appointment of a new head of state, on a new political system.

Then, in order to amend the constitution and include this change, it is necessary to obtain the consensus of the governorates! and territories? And indigenous leaders? Before giving his consent, each player can take the opportunity to formulate his own requests. Can you imagine the puzzle…

In Canada, the British Crown has truly become a crown of thorns. Speaking of crowns, will Justin Trudeau attend the coronation of the Good King?

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