Canada aims for men’s World Cup through the front door

It is, after all, a logical continuation of many years of building a programme, to try to establish itself as one of the emerging footballing nations. The FIFA rankings are what they are, but the fact remains that the Canadian men’s team was ranked 94th in the world when John Herdman became coach. She is now 48th.

Yes, Canada Football wanted to organize this match against Costa Rica and the next, against Mexico, in cold Alberta in November in hopes of hurting its rivals, who are theoretically accustomed to the mild climate. Yes, the association knew very well what it was doing when it chose the city where its superstar Alfonso Davies grew up for these meetings.

But by his means, the team wants to defeat Costa Rica. Not with the circumstances. Midfielder Jonathan Osorio says he always thought Canada would qualify for the World Cup before hosting one in 2026. He’s stuck with that.

I only think of Qatar, because I want to be part of a team that can say they qualified for the World Cup, and not just that they organized it, as he emphasized in a hypothetical press release earlier this week. We want to earn our place. It’s a prestigious game, and with everything happening in Canadian football, it’s important to start now.

After the match, Canada will be in the middle of the third round of the CONCACAF qualifiers. With his win, the current third place of the group would have a seven-point lead over Costa Rica, fifth. pit. Also on Friday, the second-placed United States will host group leader Mexico, who will be in Canada on Tuesday. The first three of the group get their tickets, and the fourth will pass through the transcontinental dams.

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In short, the Maple Leaf representatives have the opportunity to take a huge step towards qualifying in these two games. Only two games not three games in the last break, all at home, no travel.

And the crowd, that crowd. a The Red Sea I wish out loud to the players, coach, leaders of Canada Football Club. This red you find on promotional banners that float throughout Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Years ago, you would never have imagined that the Canadian team would come to Edmonton and the game would almost be over, argued Atiba Hutchinson, who could ever equal Julian de Guzman’s matches. . All this attention to the team is really great.

On the Costa Rican side, however, we expect a tough match. Coach Luis Fernando Suarez insisted this week on Character difference which must be shown to his players, according to which they must prepare for a psychologically complex match.

In terms of temperature? not necessarily. Instead, it’s the artificial surface of the Commonwealth Stadium that impresses the coach, and it is Not the type to criticize But who will judge that qualifier? It should be played on the best possible ground . Natural grass of course.

The good news is that the winds at Commonwealth Stadium are said to be perfectly normal.

Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton.

Photo: Radio Canada

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