Can-am boats flat-bottomed on the waters of the Gulf

Salberry de Valleyfield Flat bottom boats will be an integral part of the 82nd Régates de Valleyfield Powerboat Show and there will be 6 to 8 racing teams.

Can-Am boats, including “Heart Beat” 99 by Jonathan Frenier, will be located at the 82nd Régates de Valleyfield.

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Among the participants in the Can-Am category is Principal Owners Group Manager Dominic Cornuer, of Sorrell Tracy, who will drive the Hot Tension 122 while Kamvalenciennes Sebastian LeBeouf will drive the Sniper Wheel 5.

The winner of the Régates de Beauharnois in 2018, Jonathan Frenier will also be surfing the waves of Baie Saint-François at the controls of Guy Verdon’s “Heart Beat” 99, former “Eddy’s Dream”.

The list of contenders also includes “Sonic” 103 led by Joel Blurd, “Rainmaker” 106 by Eric Hahn, “Yellow Rush” 163 from Hugh Monahan, winner of the Beauharnois in 2019, and “Mad Dog” 801 from Paul. Reid.

“Other riders can be added. If proof of vaccination from the US is no longer needed, it will be easier,” Dominic Cornuer said.

Uncertain the return of the champion boat in the last two Régates de Valleyfield presentations, in 2018 and 2019, “April 24” with pilot Paul Fitzgerald, of Concord (North Carolina), who would have featured co-driver Mike Smith.

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