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When was the last time you turned off your smartphone? Several weeks ago no doubt, maybe several months. These devices that never leave us, our “beloved digital games”, are no longer designed to be turned off. Everything about it distracts us from it.

Power button. Alex Schmidt, Creative Commons.

This is the note in Psychedelic: Humanity in the Grip of Technology, indictment article Published last Friday in FYP Editions. The author, Diego Hidalgo, is the creator of Spanish startups (founding local company BlaBlaCar, Amovens), part of that class of penitents who can no longer see digital in painting. His table of technology excesses, quite complete, mixes the usual critiques against a background of quotes from Orwell and Bernanos: watch society, planned obsolescence, data cult. All this has already been written by others.

A clip caught my attention. calling usPsychological protection in…

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