Cadillac Lyriq: Deliveries are on hold due to recall

Cadillac Lyric 2023
  • The infotainment screen may not operate properly.

  • The problem will be resolved by an update in the proxy.

  • Only 186 vehicles are affected in the US

Cadillac says deliveries of the Lyriq electric SUV have been paused due to an issue that requires a recall.

Under certain certain conditions, the Lyric infotainment screen can remain off even while driving, which means that many important controls are inaccessible to the driver, including the rear-view camera, making the vehicle non-compliant with US security mandates. .

The problem was discovered by General Motors employees at the Spring Hill, Tennessee plant where Cadillac’s first electric car is manufactured.

While reviewing the situation, GM found 16 reports of the same issue from Lyriq owners.

During the investigation, the automaker determined that the problem was caused by a bug in the infotainment software.

According to the company, when the vehicle is switched off, the center display will sometimes perform a start-up or shutdown sequence that can be interrupted by opening the driver’s door.

If someone opens the door within a five-second window while the infotainment system is on or off, the screen may remain blank for the next operating cycle.

To solve the problem, all drivers need is to restart the infotainment system, but this solution is not accepted by the NHTSA.

Therefore, Cadillac will develop a software update that will prevent this problem from occurring.

Although Lyriq is able to receive updates online, owners will need to visit their local dealer to update their vehicle.

With electric vehicle deliveries recently beginning, Cadillac says only 186 vehicles are affected by the recall in the United States.

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