Cadillac Fairview partners with local artists to create interactive ‘mirror murals’ to encourage moments of self-reflection.

In the Cadillac FairviewWe understand the power of art to bring places to life, and its ability to create a sense of inspiration and wonder.” Andrea NickelSenior Director of Experience and Participation in Cadillac Fairview. “With the help of seven talented artists, we’ve transformed our mall areas into vibrant, engaging, and meaningful works of art. These must-see works are an important call to action to be present in the moment, and we’re thrilled that Canadians are participating in the experience and in their own personal moments of reflection.” »

The diverse group of artists was encouraged to create bold and colorful murals depicting mirrors and other reflective surfaces but also displaying words of self-love, positivity and wellness. These stunning creations are designed to evoke moments of well-being, inspiring Canadians to reflect on the beauty of life and rediscover the positive social connections that so many have lost over the past two years.

Shopping malls, cities and local advertising artists participating in Capture the moment the following :

CF Fairview Point Clear (Montreal)

Franco Égalité is a Montreal painter and artist whose vibrant and fiery figures have been inspired by the Cubist style and aesthetic concept of Japanese Ma. Equality’s wall design features clock-shaped mirrors and a poem that invites the viewer to pause and see themselves thinking about the present moment.

Stephanie Butary He is an artist based in Kitchener Waterloo whose background in architectural design influenced the engineering approach to his bold and playful murals. Botari’s design is inspired by the idea of ​​creating a delightful “theatrical scene” that makes viewers feel as if they are swimming in a fantasy world in the clouds.

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Jackie Comry He is a multidisciplinary artist from Toronto whose work is based on color to address social impact, mental health, and human emotions. With this mural, Comrie hopes to remind the Toronto community of the importance of mindfulness and the need to stop and breathe.

Hawlii Pichette from Urban Iskwew is Mushkego Cree (Pact 9) Métis artist and urban illustrator whose work reflects the interconnectedness of the natural world. Pichette’s mural reminds us that we and our communities can bloom like flowers if we sharpen our minds and give each other space to live authentically.

Emily Darlington He is a mural painter, painter and painterOttawa His art expresses and inspires connections with nature through clear lines and bright colors. With a series of French and English descriptors, Darlington’s eye-catching mural encourages viewers to notice detail amid the hustle and bustle of a bustling community space.

CF Richmond Center (Vancouver)
Ripple and up (ripple and rise)

Nicole Larsenalso known as Ripple and Rise, is an illustrator from Vancouver It is known for the uplifting and uplifting energy it brings to its business, with an emphasis on community and well-being. To inspire a spirit of togetherness and positivity, Larsen’s mural features images of flowers with faces looking at each other and colorful family silhouettes.

Michael Miller And the Rachel Ziriadbetter known as Nasarimba (meaning playfulness »), From Calgary, formed a duo that specializes in elaborate murals. The duo’s mural features inspirational text on each mirror, with references to self-love and the beauty found in nature and within oneself.

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CF has teamed up with MASSIVart, a site-creation, general art consultancy and production company, to commission artists to create unique installations in each of the centers Cadillac Fairview.

Canadians can join the conversation this summer by sharing photos and images from each hub along with their own self-reflective messages using the hashtag #CaptureTheMoment.

To learn more about CF’s seasonal experiences and offers, please visit Cadillac Fairview.

to me Regarding Cadillac Fairview

Cadillac Fairview (CF) is a company with international goals and invests in them Real estate In addition to holding to exploit To develop commercial, office, residential, industrial and mixed-use properties. Wholly owned teacher retirement plan I’OntarioCF manages more than $35 billion of assets In the Americas and the United Kingdom, plans to expand into Europe And in Asia.

to me the scale Internationally, CF invests in communities with like-minded partners, including stanhope in the United Kingdom, Lincoln Property Company in the United States, and Multiplan in Brazil. canadian wallet contracting It houses 68 major properties, including the Toronto Dominion Center, CF Toronto Eaton Center, Deloitte Tower, CF Carrefour Laval, CF Chinook Center, and CF Pacific Center.

CF strife continuously take Positively impact the communities in which they operate by fostering social bonds, growth and from one sustainable future caused by to be It is transforming societies into a vibrant future. Learn more about And follow us on LinkedIn.

Source: Cadillac Fairview Co., Ltd

For more information: For more information contact: Lara Berguglia, North Strategic for Cadillac Fairview, [email protected]514-994-2382

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