Buying a used electric car: What subsidies are you entitled to?

Many Quebecers tend to buy an electric car, but separating the subsidies a car owner is entitled to can be a real problem.

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In an interview on “À vos affaires” with Pierre-Olivier Zappa, co-author of “The Practical Guide to the Electric Car … and More” Daniel Breton, gives some details for those who are interested. Buying a used electric car.

“As we speak, there is a discount from the county government to ensure that people are entitled to a discount of up to $4,000,” Britton explains.

However, some restrictions apply. Not all used vehicles are eligible for this government assistance.

The co-author begins: “The discount only applies to 100% electric vehicles, so plug-in hybrid vehicles are not eligible.”

He adds that the car must be purchased from a dealership.

“If you buy your car from someone, you are not entitled to the discount, so you have to buy it from a car dealer with an establishment in Quebec,” he says.

The vehicle must also be registered for the first time in Quebec.

“So if it was an electric vehicle that was purchased in Quebec in the past and that actually got a government discount when it was new, it is also not eligible,” explains Mr Breton.

Thus, the discount will apply to used electric vehicles imported from outside Quebec, either to the United States or to the rest of Canada.

Another clarification for 100% electric cars: You must be a 2017, 2018, or 2019 model to be eligible for the discount.

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Vehicles must also be “provided with a warranty of the original new vehicle honored in Quebec,” Mr.

A small clarification is also added for vehicles imported from the United States.

“Kia, Mitsubishi, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen do not honor the warranty when the vehicle is coming from the United States, so these vehicles do not qualify for the $4,000 discount,” warns Daniel Britton.

Hear all of Daniel Breton’s advice on “À vos affaires” in the video above.

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