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« Released by Netflix Josh Duhamel is disgusted. Just one month after the release of its first season on May 7, the series Buyer’s Legacy Adapted from the comic book by Mark Millar Canceled. according to The Hollywood Reporter, in addition to the bad comments from the specialized press, Netflix thinks the actors’ performances aren’t ‘strong’ enough to justify season two.

Jupiter (already) retired

Taking the bad news with humor, lead actor Josh Duhamel posted a picture of himself shirtless on Instagram: “I need to get back on track, what’s new with Hulu?” “ Hulu is a rival streaming platform from Netflix.

For his part, Mark Millar, the creator and screenwriter of the series itself, congratulated the work done: “I’m really proud of what the entire team has done with the legacy of Jupiter and the incredible work the entire cast has done during this season.”.

Spin Off . Development

However, Netflix has no plans to turn its back on Mark Millar. On Twitter, the latter also reassured his fans: “They are often asked what we plan for the future and the answer is that we study what super villains have in the stomach…”. cross from Buyer’s Legacy authorized Supercrocs It will already be under development With a plot strictly centered around the super-villains of the Millar universe – acquired by Netflix in 2017.

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