Busy Ecoiffier cultural space!

Occupy the Ikoyi cultural spaceffist in Alenya started on Saturday 27th March, at On the initiative of several organizations and movements, now grouped into collective: The occupation of Alaina. A press conference is organized on April 6.

In its press release, the collective specifies that this act is part of the continuation of the Occupation of Cultural Places, which They become spaces for reflection and expression, to bring us together Professional claims. Current claims are as follows:

✓ a Total withdrawal to reform unemployment insurance

a Funding the cultural sector Through a huge plan to support Recruitment, in consultation with organizations representing employees civilization

Coordinated realistic timetable and terms for Re-open to all Cultural places

a White year extension Intermittently falling under Attachments 8 and 10 and its appendix Extends to all unstable workers, additions and seasonal. Reduction in minimum hours to access compensation First-time unemployment or intermittent unemployment in violation of rights

Measures for Guarantee of maternity leave Illness for everyone

It means for Ensuring social rights Including funds (retirement, Training, occupational medicine, paid vacations, etc.) are threatened with closure Contributions

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