Business travel still relevant according to VistaJet

The result provokes a real referendum. According to a study by business airline VistaJet, 81% of global business leaders say business travel will be more important than ever in the future.

The survey was conducted on the future of business travel between More than 200 senior executives and corporate directors in Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Asia/Pacific. In partnership with WSJ Intelligence, the VistaJet report identifies for the first time the impact of the Covid pandemic – which has brought business travel to a near halt. The Future of Business Travel thus emphasizes the essential role and value of travel in their careers.

during the pandemic, Flights were restricted for 90% of the companies surveyed, and nearly all (97%) said their businesses had suffered a negative impact directly related to these restrictions.. sA quarter (24%) indicated significant or significant disruptions in the sectors of activity analyzed, And the 87% reported a major or major abnormality In at least one area. More than a third (37%) stated that international business development and product launches were affected by personal absence.

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With the easing of restrictions, a significant increase in business trips is expected. In fact, 81% of those surveyed confirmed that business travel will continue to be essential to boost their success. Among those who take at least eight private flights each year, 60% plan to increase their face-to-face meetings.

VistaJet sees 49% increase in business interest around the world since the beginning of the epidemic. This confirms that private flights remain an essential tool for business travel. The main advantages of private flights for business travel, according to respondents, are flexibility, efficiency, security and privacy.

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Two main travel priorities are: Visit partners and suppliers and participate in sectoral events الفعاليات. All of them represent 34% of motives. Maintaining existing relationships and developing new ones are also key factors.

Returning to business travel depends largely on applicable regulations. 46% of people questioned are waiting for destinations to reopen; 42% want updated Covid-19 data and rules for destinations; 36% are looking for support if Covid-19 regulations change while traveling. A similar percentage are waiting to relax their company’s travel policies.

to Ian Moore, Commercial Director of VistaJet, Returning from travel also has a dimension for myself. The pandemic has shown that some business trips are really necessary. And the Having to forgo personal travel has a real cost to businesses. In addition, Messages are hard to decipher when everyone is behind the screen. Misunderstandings can arise, especially between cultures. These, in turn, can become costly errors.

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