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What if a BOVET-designed robot would soon occupy space? “It is entirely possible, Florent Roussel, Director of Communications at Proméo and ITII Picardie, expects, If they can convince the financiers or the people in this environment…” The ambition is on par with the project launched by students from the Faculty of Engineering at ITII (Institute of Industrial Engineering Technologies). These interns (1 week in training, 1 week in business) have been investing since October to design a rover, Planetary exploration robotDescribes team leader Baptiste Varenne.

This project is led by Elise Abeer, Hugo Arnold, Pierre Amaury Cosenfroy, Emma Dupuy, Alexandre Marise, Sebastien Mercier, Theo Riberol and Baptiste Varenne. (Absent pictured, Adama Badiane and Carles Bonnet are also in the first team.)

They were 8 in the beginning, and today they are 21 … an increasing number which proves the importance of the materials produced. “We will be working on this prototype which we will make in a few weeks, Ellis Abeer appears as one of the managers of the mechanical part (Design, Calculation, Optimization). As during the competition, he will have to perform maintenance tasks, picking up various materials (rocks, dirt), in a space-like environment. Right now, we’re on the theoretical part, and we’re doing a lot of computer simulations”.

Invitation to characters from the world of space

“Currently we are in prototyping, planning all solutions to build the first version, see and overcome its problems, Describes Baptiste Varennes. The mechanism should be as independent as possible in September.”. It is about preparing for the European Rover Challenge (9-11 September 2022), which will take place in Poland, and will bring together 92 teams from 50 different countries. With that extra pressure for our budding engineers: ITII at Beauvais will be the only French school represented.

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The first copy of their ERC project will be quickly sent to the European Space Agency, the organizer of the competition, To check the suitability of our technical document, The team leader completes, and see if we are on the right track to meeting their specifications.”.

Edger Rover
Here’s the Edge rover, whose name means “the impact our rover can have on space history,” according to Baptiste Farren.

They place a lot of hope in this six-wheeled robot, equipped with cameras and an articulated arm, built to accomplish various tasks and respond to constraints in the context of space exploration. “Dust, sand, gravel, crater, so management slopes … must be able to perform tasks on difficult ground representing the atmosphere of Mars, Baptiste Farren adds. We are making the robot from the ground up, and we will have to improve it until the competition in September.” Faced with such a challenge, all sectors of ITII are represented in this project: robotics, computer science, mechanics, electrical engineering.

A final area notably embodied by Pierre-Amauri Cozenfroy, who hopes “To be called, after Poland, to offer us to continue working on this rover, even if we must not forget our engineering degree, since we still have to study for two years.”.

edgerover qrcode
This is the QR code that leads to the different networks that offer Edge rover.

In the meantime, the entire team hopes to gain a vision, searches for sponsors, and appeals to characters from the space world to defend the French colours. Good on you, Thomas Bisquet!

Contact: Baptiste Varenne on 06 45 69 06 20 or by email [email protected]

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