Brussels: The Place du Trône soon turned into a place to relax, the hedges had already disappeared

Passers-by will no doubt have noticed: the hedges of the Place du Trône are now gone. A measure taken as part of the redevelopment of this square known among other things for its (controversial) statue of Leopold II and the now condemned royal entrance flanked by two lions.

These hedges were in and of themselves effects. It was at least three feet tall and beautifully maintained. But they hid the space and blocked access to the lawns. Note that it is not original., details Michel van Rooy, Secretary General of the Quartier des Arts and also a former Environmental Local Council Member for the City of Brussels from 1988 to 2000.

The Quartier des Arts planned the redevelopment of the square (see photo), which has since been modified slightly and is now implemented by Bruxelles Environnement (for green spaces) and the City of Brussels (for sidewalks and roads).

This place is currently unavailable. We want to make it an open space, which would also provide a good view of the Academics Palace.”

area at a speed of 20 km/h

The project plans to make the square fully accessible. The lawns, in which we can relax, will be brought back to the same level as the road. Sidewalks and roads will also be renovated. Street furniture and benches will also be installed. It is enough to allow Brussels residents and tourists to relax on the lawn right next to the palace.

Instead any access should be removed. However, the small alley located opposite the entrance gates should become”common space” It is limited to 20 km / h.

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