Browser wars are ignited!

Firefox 89 will arrive in June.
Firefox 89 arrives on June 1st.

It’s a very cool group shot. After releasing Chrome 91, which will be 23% faster, Microsoft claims the best possible performance on Windows 10 with Edge 91. On June 1, Mozilla Firefox 89 will launch with a revised design!

“Rapid implementation of JavaScript is an important part of providing a fast browser. In Chrome, this task is performed by a V8 engine that runs over 78 years of JavaScript code every day. In M91, Chrome is now up to 23% faster thanks to the launch of the program.” New Sparkplug Compilation, Google writes on his blog.

Offers and promotions …

“This saves our users over 17 years of processor time every day! Sparkplug is a new JavaScript interpreter that bridges the gap between the need to start implementation quickly and optimize code for maximum performance. Short built-in calls optimize the site in the generated code memory to avoid Indirect jumps when calling jobs, “the search engine continues.

Using Google’s technology base, Microsoft is restoring the way the world’s # 1 search engine works. “Microsoft Edge 91 will be the best performing browser on Windows 10. Why can we say that? First, Startup boost starts Microsoft Edge faster by running a core set of Microsoft Edge processes in the background, all without adding additional resources when Microsoft Edge windows are open, ” Redmond noted There is little.

Firefox in ambush …

On the side of the little red animal, we put our guns … “Enjoy the new Firefox. We’ve refined the key points of contact and reduced the visual overload to liven up a clean new design. Less difficult to be more productive and optimistic about expectations. The kind of energy we all need in a year. 2021. Next June 1 is Celebration Day, “Mozilla wrote in an email …

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“Nous avons examiné l’interface utilisateur du navigateur pixel par pixel, mesuré la valeur que les utilisateurs retirent de notre énorme bibliothèque de fonctionnalités, et finalement rationalisé l’expérience à firefox pour plus qu’elle soit propre, accueillante et Devices. While we regularly make small design improvements, major redesigns are big projects that don’t recur often, because change can be … difficult. ” According to Mozilla. Follow!

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