Bronchiolitis: more than 1,270 children under two years of age were admitted to the emergency room in one week –

The resumption of the epidemic of bronchiolitis is observed in France. This viral respiratory disease mainly affects children under the age of two years.

Three areas under observation

In France, three regions have been placed under surveillance by regional health agencies due to an epidemic bronchiolitis, Report France information. According to the latest newsletter public health France, Aired on October 6, andWith-from France This week, he reactivated his crisis cells Grand Est and the Haut-de-France went to “pre-epidemic stageOther areas are in green on the weekly watch map.

More than 450 children have been hospitalized

During the week of September 27 to October 3, 1,278 children under the age of two were seen in the emergency room due to bronchiolitis, including 460 in hospital, or 36%. The series reports that 89% of these young patients are less than 1 year old. The most numerous cases are listed in Ile de FranceThe five pediatric intensive care units (with a capacity of 70 beds) are currently saturated. The overloading of pediatric services early, raises concernAR from this region.
In fact, an epidemic bronchiolitis It usually starts in mid-October before peaking in December and ending in March.

The epidemic could be big

On October 7, the Scientific Council affirmed in its last opinion that “The bronchiolitis epidemic could be significant as there is a significant lack of acquired herd immunity for children born after March 2020“.
every year bronchiolitis It affects approximately 30% of children under two years of age, but since March 2020 it is almost zero. According to the council, the lack of circulation of this virus is directly related to the use of barrier and containment measures and travel restrictions. However, it can also be amplified by a mechanism called viral interference (difficulty for two respiratory viruses to circulate at the same time).

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