Broadcasting an awaited program on the broadcast platform turns into a fiasco!

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It’s a huge disappointment that Netflix has been offering its subscribers lately. The platform has canceled a show that was highly anticipated.

The latter was not released on time. In an announcement, the streaming giant had to credit this fiasco.

Netflix: A highly anticipated show has yet to air!

Since its existence, Netflix has instantly dominated the streaming world. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case in recent months. In fact, new platforms have been created. The least we can say is that The competition it’s hard. Moreover, this is one of the reasons why the American giant is trying to stand out by revealing new content.

Hence, Netflix decided not to deal with dead hands in the month of April. As proof of this, he just unveiled a new movie with Jennifer Lopez. Of course it is the movie “Mother”, which was released on April 12th. The latter, which was highly anticipated, was a huge success for the platform giant. It’s a feat that plans to continue to provide other interesting stickers.

To do this, Netflix decided to start streaming live content. Moreover, one of the most anticipated programs is scheduled to be launched on April 17, 2023. Hence, the subscribers of the platform are eager to find out. heresy. Unfortunately, they will be disappointed with what will happen. Indeed, the American broadcast giant could not keep its promise.

In fact, it is a special episode of the famous show love is blind. It was scheduled to air on Netflix on Monday, April 17th at 2AM. Thus, subscribers have been waiting for this Retrouvailles live broadcast. A chance to see the Season 4 nominees. But what will happen is far from what they hoped.

Big disappointment for subscribers!

Netflix announced the bad news at the last minute. Shortly before the broadcast of the programspecial episode, subscribers still believe that the program will be broadcast. Moreover, the streaming giant confirmed this by inviting them to participate in the live broadcast. As we read on the platform’s Twitter account: “5 minutes before love lives blind”.

Seeing this advertisement, the subscribers became more and more impatient to discover the offer. Unfortunately, it was mostly disappointment They managed to collect it. In fact, the planned episode has yet to air on Netflix. The only thing they saw was an advertisement that said, “We’re having trouble streaming this title at the moment.” Which was followed by: “Please try again later or choose a different title”.

Obviously, no one expected what happened. Subscribers were simply disappointed. Not to mention they had to go through sleepless nights just to be able to watch the highly anticipated episode. In the face of this, Netflix has been forced to speak up. In a statement, the streaming giant apologized to those fans for this Programming.

And so, Netflix captivated: “To all those who stay up late, get up early.” He then went on to say, “We’re sorry…the love is blind reunion didn’t happen.” In addition, the streaming giant wanted to inform its subscribers about Reasons of this programming. Which will not cheer up already frustrated spectators.

Netflix: Reason to cancel programming!

Netflix has always kept advertising to provide more explanations for this deprogramming. According to the platform, the show will continue to see the light of day. We also read from it: “We are filming.” However, the program will be broadcast as soon as it is done ready. In closing, the streaming giant said, “Once again, thank you and sorry.”

Of course, it’s rare to see this kind of situation on Netflix. Either way, subscribers will still have to wait longer than expected to watch this show. In addition, there is another live broadcast that the streaming giant is planning at the moment. It comes to Screen Actors Guild Awards. This is scheduled to take place in February 2024.

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