Briton arrested for helping Russian oligarchs evade sanctions

American justice suspects that a British businessman helped the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska evade punishment and conceal the ownership of several properties. “Following an extradition request from the United States,” Graham Bonham Carter was arrested, brought to justice in London on Tuesday and then released on parole, according to a press release from Britain’s Organized Crime Agency (NCA).

The US Justice Department said in a statement that Washington would seek his extradition, linked to the 2018 sanctions against Deripaska, an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin and founder of aluminum giant Rusal. Graham Bonham Carter, 62, is suspected of being linked to the 52-year-old oligarch, who is under sanctions in both the US and UK, through real estate in both countries whose ownership has been hidden thanks to companies registered in Britain. Virgin Islands or other overseas territories.

Oleg Deripaska accused

The British businessman was charged in the United States with, among other things, violating the penal code relating to the situation in Ukraine, according to the NCA. Two properties from Deripaska in London are included in the assets frozen due to the sanctions: a mansion and an office in upscale neighborhoods estimated to total more than 50 million pounds (more than 56 million euros), according to the National Elections Commission.

At the end of September, US courts indicted Oleg Deripaska, along with his girlfriend and two other people, for plotting a plan to obtain US citizenship for his two children, in violation of US sanctions.

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