British nurses announce a historic strike

Underpaid and understaffed, the Royal College of Nurses said… “No more!”. For the first time since its inception in 1916, the British Nurses Union ditched its blouse and erected a picket line.

“The nurses have had enough,” said Pat Cullen, General Secretary of the Royal College of Nurses (RCN) Federation. according to the scientistOn Friday, November 25, the RCN announced the strike of British nurses on December 15 and 20. An unprecedented decision for this union, which has not demanded crushing the pavement since its inception 106 years ago.

Less than 20% of salary since 2010

The decision to strike was voted on by the employees on 9 November. In question, a continuous decline in wages estimated at about 20% since 2010. However, the British government currently refuses to review the wages of nurses, especially those affected by the current crisis in the cost of living. “It’s a difficult time for everyone,” said Health Secretary Stephen Barclay and the government could not meet the “unaffordable” demands from the RCN, which “represent a 19.2% salary increase”.

47,000 nursing vacancies

However, the problem of British nurses’ salaries goes beyond their personal concerns. We know the song, which says the poorly paid job, the crisis of the profession. In this regard, English is no exception. “Poor pay contributes to staff shortages across the UK, affecting patient safety,” the union said. According to the Royal College of Nurses, There are 47,000 nursing vacancies in England And 25,000 of them left the profession last year. In addition to the staff shortage, More than 7 million people are waiting for treatment in English hospitals.

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