British cold is over, food theft explodes – Tunisia

Times are changing. Who could have predicted that 2 years after Brexit, Britain would be hit by economic turmoil to the point of voting overwhelmingly to return to the EU? Despite the voluntariness of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, due to this persistent inflation, His Majesty’s subjects have moved to all states. They lost their legendary coolness enough to steal food from stores.

So the British…“. The famous slogan lives on. Everyone is in survival mode. Make way for shoplifting in the Kingdom’s stores to the point that signs have fallen back on the safe armory to stop the scourge. Even basic and low-cost items are not immune from theft. End of the race: Anti-theft systems are springing up everywhere in supermarkets.

A photo of a honey jar being locked has created a stir on social media. Englishmen, whose civic virtues are celebrated in the four corners of the world, discover what they have become and, to their horror, discover the face of crisis. It hurts…

The Tesco chain has not hesitated to protect its honeypots with anti-theft devices, which create a hell of a place for smart-ass people to walk through the door without paying, reports the Daily Mirror. Yet the product retails for just £3.85 (€4.3). But with double-digit inflation hitting, that can no longer be said.

Sainsbury’s has gone so far as to adopt a similar approach with boxes of baby milk powder, priced at £12.50 (€14). The British found it normal to lock up expensive items such as perfumes, alcohol or electronic equipment. But putting them in food products that cost less than 15 euros is a nightmare. Still…

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But whatever you want, the United Kingdom has seen no end to its problems since last year. By early 2023, food prices are rising beyond the reach of households

Customers had automatic cash registers where they scanned their shopping by themselves before paying, without any special supervision; The system has been widely misused since citizens discovered the horrors of the crisis.

Some supermarkets have chosen not to stock certain items, such as this store in Glasgow, Scotland. According to The Scottish Sun, customers are now forced to request staff. The sign justifies its gesture with a burst of stealth. The store will put the meat back on the shelves only after receiving the locks.

Finally, note that since 2022 cheese and butter have been fitted with anti-theft devices in some supermarkets, despite angry protests from internet users. And with inflation high in 2023, these practices will not change…

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