Brexit. The United Kingdom wants the EU to extend the concession period until 2023

The BBC quoted London as saying on Wednesday that London had called for an extension of the grace period until 2023 on trade restrictions between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK to reduce Brexit’s influence in the province.

According to the BBC’s political editor Laura Queensberg, Minister Michael Cove has written a letter to the European Commission’s Vice President for Interim Relations, Maros Chefkov, calling for urgent political solutions.

“Hope has been eroded, damaged and urgent action is needed,” Cove told a public forum on Tuesday. He stressed that supermarkets and other companies must continue to deliver products to consumers.

Under the agreement to withdraw the UK from the EU, both sides agreed to a concession period to restrict the transport of food from the UK to Northern Ireland by supermarkets and some wholesalers to reduce the impact of the new Brexit rules.

The United Kingdom has called for an extension of the offer period

According to the BBC, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said the EU has “underestimated” the withdrawal agreement by threatening to block the export of the COVID-19 vaccine across the Irish border.

The withdrawal agreement guarantees an open border between the EU and the Northern Ireland province, without restrictions on exported goods. However, the European Commission proposes to implement Section 16, which allows the EU and the UK to suspend any issue that, in their view, causes “economic, social and environmental problems”.

The EU executive on Friday imposed a mechanism to restrict exports of COVID-19 vaccines produced in EU countries to member states, under agreements with pharmaceutical companies, to prevent them from leaving the EU camp.

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